My Projects

A short description of some of my primary projects working backward in time. I also have a few other more sporadic collaborations.

Solo (Current)

I am always working on music on my own. In the past some of my sketches have worked their way into music I’ve done with others. Of course there is a lot of throw way stuff too, experiments that didn’t go anywhere or I lost interest in.

Since the COVID pandemic I’ve put more effort into crafting my own music and publishing it.

You can read more here

Magic Daffodils (Current)

Recently, I’ve been playing with a group that calls themselves the Magic Daffodils. This is a casual group that is playing what I’d describe as ambient-noise. The group includes drums, bass, electric violin, synthesizers and samples.

You can read more here

Proud Papa (Current)

A little bit about some of the collaborations with my son Evan can be found here

Pop Collaboration (2021)

This was a purely fortuitous collaboration that ended up being quite rewarding and ended up with the release of a pop song. You can read the story here

Name With No Sound (2006 to 2020)

My long running collaboration with Mark Favro. Primarily active from 2006 until 2020. We focused on electronic, ambient music. You can read more here

Baku (1986 to 1988 and 1996 to 2004)

Baku had two manifestations. In the mid 80's I worked with my friend Owen Curnoe to produce ambient, soundtrack music for his videos and movies. Largely inspired by the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis.

In 1996, the second manifestation of Baku with Owen Curnoe and Mark Favro. Our music was electronic, experimental, ambient, and industrial. You can read more about Baku here

Bits of Food (1982 to 1985)

My first band. Sort of a proto-punk/industrial/noise band that played locally with in a community of similar bands. Heavily influenced by second wave punk, industrial music, Kraut Rock and noise bands especially our dad's band The Nihilist Spasm Band

More information on Bits of Food.