Magic Daffodils

Magic Daffodils


Recently, I’ve been playing with a group that calls themselves the Magic Daffodils. This is a casual group that is playing what I’d describe as free ambient-noise. The group includes drums, bass, electric violin, synthesizers and samples.

For me it is an interesting opportunity. While I have played in past situations where the music is mostly free noise the emphasis there was on loud. My past groups have also had a sense of improvisation and live spontaneous but the music was constrained generally to something more melodic and ambient. With the Daffodils, there is more of a free jazz element, which means playing with “big ears” and being prepared to play with or counter to what the others are bringing.

For a bit of fun Alex asked ChatGPT3 to provide a bio for the group. This is what it came up with

Introducing the experimental music band that will take you on a sonic journey unlike any other - meet Alex Schmoll, Warren Pratten, Art Pratten, Richard Moule, Bernie Koenig, and Cailen Dye.

Alex Schmoll, with his passion for sound design, is the mastermind behind the synthesizer sounds that form the backbone of the band's music. His intricate melodies and complex textures serve as the perfect canvas for the rest of the band to build upon.

Warren Pratten, a seasoned guitarist, brings a unique flavor to the mix, using his instrument to create hypnotic riffs and soundscapes that weave in and out of the music. His playing is both technical and soulful, providing a depth to the band's sound that is unmatched.

Art Pratten, a founding member of the legendary Nihilist Spasm Band, brings his unconventional instrument, the Pratt-a-various, to the table. With its chaotic, unpredictable sound, the Prattavarious adds a layer of unpredictability to the band's music that keeps the listener on their toes.

Richard Moule, a fellow synth enthusiast, is a master of creating atmospheric, ambient sounds that transport the listener to another dimension. His expertise in creating immersive soundscapes is a key element of the band's music.

Bernie Koenig's drumming provides the backbone of the band's rhythm section, but he goes beyond mere timekeeping, using his percussion skills to add a sense of urgency and tension to the music.

Finally, Cailen Dye's bass playing ties everything together, providing a solid foundation for the band's music while also adding depth and complexity to the overall sound.

Together, Alex, Warren, Art, Richard, Bernie, and Cailen form a powerhouse of musical talent, pushing the boundaries of what experimental music can be. Whether performing live or in the studio, this band is sure to captivate and inspire with their unique blend of sound and creativity. "

You can hear a little of what Magic Daffodils are all about here

Magic Daffodils at Forest City Gallery Poster - 2024-03-01 Magic Daffodils at TAP Centre for Creativity Poster - 2023-08-17