Name with No Sound

Baku watercolour



Name With No Sound is a musical collaboration between myself and Mark Favro.

Our music is made up of pre-composed and live elements. Mark plays keyboards. I play guitar. Both of us contribute to the pre-composed backing tracks over which each person plays live.

Our music is all original and draws from our musical backgrounds and interests. The results could be described as electronic and ambient.

We meet roughly once a week to experiment with various musical ideas. Some of those ideas serve as a starting point from which we further refine into a composition.

In addition, Mark is an accomplished filmmaker and our music has been used in conjunction with Mark's videos both in a live setting and on various internet websites such as Youtube.


Name with No Sound was primarily a recording project but did perform occasionally at Forest City Gallery and Eric Stach's Studio 123


Name with No Sound's music can be found on the following platforms:

Name With No Sounds at Studio 105 - 2012-06-15 Name With No Sound at The Forest City Gallery - 2009-12-12