Solo Projects

Ever since I started playing guitar I was more interested in playing music I made up rather than learning a bunch of other people’s songs. Mostly though I’ve focused on playing in a group setting.

The initial lockdown at the start of the COVID pandemic gave me the opportunity to record a CD of my own material. Quarantine Sessions is a collection of songs and ditties I had written over the years. Some were intended to be used in my band Name with No Sound. Others are just pieces I created but never did anything with. I decided to use the period of self-isolation to record and share them. In the spirit of keeping things simple the goal was to perform the pieces live into a mic. No overdubs, no post processing etc.

Since then I have spent some time focusing on my own song craft by creating guitar pieces I can and could play wholly.

Most recently I have released a new set of tracks called Life is a Mosaic

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